Notice something different about Heartbreak Warfare?

“Heartbreak Warfare had all the elements for me to say it was the perfect story” – Goodreads Reviewer

Have you fallen in love with Cal and Jenna’s love story? Take a chance on this sexy, angsty, second chance Hollywood romance! Heartbreak Warfare is FREE in Kindle Unlimited (and in true Hollywood fashion, it recently got a facelift).

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The last thing I have time for is the sinfully gorgeous movie star, Cal Harrington. Meeting him in first class on a business trip should have ended there on the plane, but after being devastated from my failed marriage, I needed a little fun in my life. With his smoldering blue eyes, good looks and delicious accent, how can I say no to his advances?

No strings, no expectations. Just one sexy week together in Sin City and I was prepared to say goodbye, no matter how crazy he makes my heart race. I don’t want the life that comes with dating Hollywood royalty, yet the further into the week I get, the more my heart and mind battle about how right this feels.

But fate has other plans for me…for us.
One thing is certain.
I’m about to lose myself to heartbreak warfare.

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