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I’m beyond excited to reveal the cover for Shopping For Love, an office/holiday romance. Release day will be next Wednesday, December 30th, but you can preorder your copy for a special holiday price of 99 cents!

Title: Shopping For Love: A Holiday Romance
Author: Jessica Marin
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance, Office Romance
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs
Release Date: December 30th

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Warren Bentley knows there’s something special about Ariana Leighton from the moment the feisty little minx puts him in his place. Being the CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, he’s used to women throwing themselves at him. Yet Ari seems immune to his charm.

But Warren always gets what he wants… and he wants Ariana.
Nothing will stand in his way. Not even the fact that she’s one of his employees.

Ariana Leighton had her life all planned out until some devastating news turned her entire world upside down.

To make ends meet she becomes a personal shopper for Chicago’s most exclusive high-end department store, Bentley’s, and one of her clients happens to be the heir to the entire empire.

Ari usually doesn’t deal directly with the notorious playboy, but that all changes when he comes into the store for some last-minute Christmas shopping and melts her panties with his sexy smirk.

Warren makes his intentions clear, but Ari can’t afford to be distracted by his games. That is until he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Will Ari be able to resist the handsome bachelor, or will Warren succeed in melting the ice surrounding her heart?

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Cover Reveal for The Irish Cowboy by Jessica Marin


The Irish Cowboy, part of the Bear Creek Rodeo Series, will be riding into your e-readers on May 21st! 
Bear Creek Rodeo is a series of contemporary love stories written by bestselling authors Jennifer D. BokalAmy L. GaleSara Jolene, myself and Kirsten Osbourne.

Title: The Irish Cowboy (Bear Creek Rodeo)
Author: Jessica Marin
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Cover Designer – Erin Dameron-Hill Graphics
Release Date: May 21st, 2019

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The Kearney Brothers from Ireland are riding into Bear Creek … and into your heart!

Tessa Mandel
The catcalls and whistles get old, but cowboys are a necessary evil when you work at the Bear Creek Rodeo. While rodeo life isn’t for me, it’s the only thing supporting my secret side career. I live a double life, but I know my dream of returning to the big city is close to becoming reality. If being an orphan has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t count on anyone but yourself. Working for the rodeo brings many distractions and I can’t afford the complications that come with sliding between the sheets with a smooth talker in tight jeans and a cowboy hat. I have big plans for myself and none of them include being charmed by any of these cowboy Casanovas.

But then I meet the infamous Rhett Kearney, who makes my stomach flutter by just saying my name. One kiss from his gorgeous Irish lips turn my world upside down and my panties inside out.

My timeline doesn’t include falling for a handsome cowboy… but it might be too late for that.

Rhett Kearney
As one of the top bronc riders in the world, I’m no stranger to hard work that draws out blood, sweat and tears. Every time I leave Ireland to compete, I feel the weight of my birthright square on my shoulders, but nothing compares to the roar of a crowd when I climb onto that bucking horse, riding it as hard as I can for those eight seconds. The goal has always been the same — compete in US National Rodeo Finals and make as much money as I can. It’s a race against time, as age is not your friend when you are a professional cowboy. So I don’t waste my time chasing skirts and getting tangled up with a pretty face who’s looking for her next meal ticket out of town.

But I couldn’t prepare myself for the sassy Tessa Mandel or the punch to the gut when I see her beautiful baby blue eyes flare with desire, making me want to risk it all for one more taste of her honeysuckle kisses.

I didn’t travel halfway around the world to lose. I’m taking home my grand prize… she just doesn’t know it’s her yet.

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Until Valerie has made the Goodreads April 2019 Most Anticipated Romance List!

I am honored that someone put Until Valerie and the rest of the April Happily Ever Alpha books on the Goodreads April 2019 Most Anticipated Romance list. Thank you to those who have already voted and for those who haven’t yet, any votes are appreciated. I can’t wait for you all to meet Rowan and Valerie on April 16th!

Click HERE to cast your vote for Until Valerie!

Until Valerie, part of Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Happily Ever Alpha World, will be live on April 16, 2019. Add it to your Goodreads TBR list by clicking HERE.

Opposites don’t just attract… sometimes they BOOM!

Valerie Dawson

All I’ve ever wanted is to make my father proud. All he ever wanted was sons. I’ve never felt like I was enough… then everything changes when I’m assigned to audit the Broken Eagle’s Motorcycle Shop and meet Rowan Pryor for the first time. The minute his eyes lock on mine, I know this gorgeous man is trouble. He’s looking at me as if I’m his everything, his eyes telling me he’s thinking of a thousand ways to get me dirty. And I like it.

But I have plans for myself and none of them include some hot, motorcycle guy in a small town.

Rowan Pryor

I traded a broken past for a brotherhood I could count on. War changes people, bonds them together, so when our time in the Navy is served, I join my fellow SEALS in Nashville to help start up a motorcycle repair shop. A big city guy like me is enjoying a distraction free, small town life. But then Valerie Dawson walks into the shop, wearing those nerdy glasses like it’s her mission to steal my breath away and I know I’m in dangerous territory. She makes me feel things I never thought I could feel and I am determined to make her mine.

I didn’t believe in love at first sight… Until Valerie.