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Signed paperback of Edge of Desire (Let Me In, Book 3)

I have loved Cora Gregory since the first time I laid eyes on her. Problem is, I’m not the one she wants. My best friend is. She is pure poison, whose venom I can’t seem to flush out of my system. The only antidote comes in the form of Isla Jones, a longtime family friend, that I used to view as a little sister. While I have been gone conquering Hollywood, little Izzy has grown up into a beautiful woman, with a sinful mouth and curves that ignite my desire for her. A war has started between my head and my heart, confusing me as to who I should make mine. The woman who has tormented my heart since I was fifteen? Or the woman who has started to haunt my dreams? One thing is undeniable. I’m teetering on the edge of desire, determined not to fall…instead I’m going to jump.


Signed paperback of Perfectly Lonely (Let Me In, Book 2)

I’ve loved and lost. Now I lose myself in mindless sex, drinking and work, anything to pass the time and fill the void that I feel. Another drink, another guy…until Chase Wilson. He’s not what I expect, turns out he’s also not who I thought. Then again, neither am I. Some might call what I’m doing destructive, I call it survival. When finally putting myself out there backfires, I vow not to let it happen again. I know what my body wants, but it’s not what my heart needs and it’s about time I learn the difference. As life around me moves on, I realize life is worth living and that I’m worth loving. But old habits die hard as I struggle to understand Chase’s motives for trying to save me from myself. One thing is clear. For the first time, I’m done being perfectly lonely.


Signed Paperback of Heartbreak Warfare (Let Me In, Book 1)

The last thing Jenna Pruitt has time for is sinfully gorgeous movie star, Cal Harrington. Meeting him in first class should have ended there on the plane, but after a failed marriage, she finds herself drawn in to his desire for her. Needing a little fun in life, she can’t help but agree to spend the week with him. No strings, no expectations. Just one sexy week in Vegas, and Jenna can put him, and their time together, behind her. She doesn’t want the life that Cal comes with, but the further into the week they get, the more her heart and mind battle. When he burns her with his kisses, her heart wants him. But at the same time, her brain knows Cal has nothing but ‘heartbreak’ written all over his well-defined body. One thing is certain. Jenna’s about to lose herself to heartbreak warfare.